Interstellar Space: Genesis Developers Interview

I had the awesome opportunity to sit down and speak with Adam Solo and Hugo Rosado (aka MalRey) about their upcoming 4X strategy game, Interstellar Space: Genesis. I'm so glad I did, too, as I learned a lot about their upcoming plans for the game and what's still to come before they reach release. So, … Continue reading Interstellar Space: Genesis Developers Interview

Warhammer 40K: Gladius – Relics of War Review

Proxy Studios were the developers behind the good - almost very good - Pandora: First Contact. Pandora attempted to revamp and modernize the damn-near-perfect Alpha Centauri, which of course was a huge undertaking. As such, they were likely doomed from the start, but with their expansion, Eclipse of Nashira, Pandora was a game that I … Continue reading Warhammer 40K: Gladius – Relics of War Review

Amplitude Studios’ Free Weekend

All weekend long, Amplitude Studios' games are free to play. The more we play them, the more, cool new content we unlock, too! Check out this site for more details: The other great news is that Endless Space 1 is now free forever. That will now make it an EASY recommendation to anyone looking … Continue reading Amplitude Studios’ Free Weekend

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates Review

Wow, I'm genuinely surprised that I'm writing this review. After roughly six years, Jon Shafer has finally reached the finish line for his Kickstarted At the Gates. There were times during that process that I honestly believed this game would never reach a state anywhere close to resembling "complete". Hell, there were times where I … Continue reading Jon Shafer’s At the Gates Review

Let’s eXamine Endless Space 2: Penumbra

Join me as I provide a short overview of the upcoming "Umbral Choir" eXpansion to Endless Space 2, Penumbra! Yet another perk of being an Amplitude VIP member, I've been playing this a bit (though not as much as I'd like) and can share with you guys a general understanding of the gameplay mechanics that … Continue reading Let’s eXamine Endless Space 2: Penumbra

Let’s eXamine Endless Legend: Symbiosis

As a lucky and spoiled Amplitude Studios VIP, I've had the honor of testing and playing the upcoming Symbiosis eXpansion for Endless Legend for the past 6-8 weeks and wanted to share a little of what I've learned (beyond where all the bugs and imbalances were). Now that it's nearing release (NEXT WEEK!), I thought … Continue reading Let’s eXamine Endless Legend: Symbiosis