My Let’s Play Jon Shafer’s At the Gates Series

After another 10-15 hours with Jon Shafer’s At the Gates, I’ve decided it was best to reboot my Let’s Play series to be a bit more informational and a lot less “fumbly”. To that one YouTube commenter that said as much, you were right. Sometimes your audience is just mean for the sake of being mean and vile. Other times, they’re just being abruptly honest. You were a little of both…

Either way, it makes sense to reboot this series as the game has seen a decent share of improvements and some minor to moderate gameplay changes. That, coupled with my increasing amount of knowledge of the game, is reason enough to give it another go. So, here ya go, for your viewing pleasure:

Episodes 1-5 Playlist:

If you have any specific questions about gameplay, the state of the game, or want so see something in particular, just leave a comment below (or on YouTube) and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Until then, keep eXploring!

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