Let’s eXamine Endless Legend: Symbiosis

As a lucky and spoiled Amplitude Studios VIP, I’ve had the honor of testing and playing the upcoming Symbiosis eXpansion for Endless Legend for the past 6-8 weeks and wanted to share a little of what I’ve learned (beyond where all the bugs and imbalances were).

Now that it’s nearing release (NEXT WEEK!), I thought it’d be fun to do a quick overview video of the new faction, the Mykara, and other new major gameplay feature: the Ulkans!

So, here’s a short clip on what you can expect. Please keep in mind that this expansion and its content are still in BETA and not in a complete form. If you want to see more or have particular questions, please let me know here or on YouTube and I’ll be sure to do my best to answer them or record more this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Let’s eXamine Endless Legend: Symbiosis

  1. Really cool faction concept. Just like you said it’s mind-boggling how they’ve managed to make a distinct 1 city faction which feels so different in every way from the cultists! It also occurs to me, I dunno how much more you’ve played by the time I’m commenting but do you think the inefficient science generation is offset by the reduced influence costs for Empire Plans? One thing I felt made the cultists so formidable was the freedom of focusing on developing my one city plus the ability to have maxed out empire plans nearly all the time (though maybe that’s because influence was a priority resource for cultists). Since you can also make use of points of interest like ruins I’m hoping that the weak science focus isn’t as bad.

    So far they seem like a cool hybrid of Necrophage and cultist game-play: the focus on food and invading other cities to enhance your own.


    1. Absolutely! They really have their own fit in the game, which is fantastic as I really struggle to think of how they could fit any more awesome or asymmetric factions into this game, but they keep finding ways!

      Hope you enjoy them when they’re out in a few days!

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      1. Just got to trying them out. I definitely see what you mean by the early game pains. I think one of the things that I struggle with for any new faction is what to prioritize in the super early game when you don’t have a whole lot of plates to spin. With this faction in particular its the starting quest given just how long it takes to get those fungal blooms up and running and how progress is tied to researching something when you don’t start with a lot of science. But heck it took me a ridiculous number of attempts before I got the hang of the Morgawr and I just love the concept behind the Mykara too much to let go!

        Also it’s kind of interesting I think that these guys are sort of diametrically opposed to the Kapaku in a lot of ways! They’re natives of Auriga (where the Kapaku are aliens), they’re tied to greenery with a focus on exploiting resources from afar (where the Kapaku are aggressive expansionists). I can’t wait to see what more is in store for EL!


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