Podcast Interview with Jon Shafer

I managed to snag Jon Shafer for a few minutes to discuss his upcoming 4X game, At the Gates. We spoke about what makes At the Gates special and unique, the future of 4X and asymmetry, what took the game so long to develop, and what might be in store for the game after release.

I’ll be posting this on YouTube soon, too, along with gameplay of my current run through At the Gates.

Outro music is the At the Gates’ title music. Stay tuned for future interviews from the genre’s most influential developers!

8 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with Jon Shafer

  1. Great interview! As a gamedeveloper myself I appreciated you asking Jon about some of the struggles of development as well. Awareness for developers as humans is sorely lacking in most games discourse!


    1. Thank you! My first solo interview (I’ve done a few in the past with co-hosts), but also my first since I’ve started this endeavor. These kind words are all that I needed to keep going!


  2. This is a very interesting talk, especially for hardcore civilization and 4x fans. You should upload it to your YT channel for sure to give it more reach! Definately!


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