Let’s eXamine Endless Space 2: Penumbra

Join me as I provide a short overview of the upcoming “Umbral Choir” eXpansion to Endless Space 2, Penumbra! Yet another perk of being an Amplitude VIP member, I’ve been playing this a bit (though not as much as I’d like) and can share with you guys a general understanding of the gameplay mechanics that Penumbra will introduce.

The Umbral Choir, much like Endless Legend’s Mykara, play very uniquely and yet both function as one-city/system factions. In addition, Penumbra brings with it a fantastic take on espionage in the form of “hacking”, which I give a brief introduction to.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here or on YouTube!

3 thoughts on “Let’s eXamine Endless Space 2: Penumbra

  1. Help me 4xplorer! Trying to play ES2 as UC with Penumbra expansion now (plus the 1st post-Penumbra patch), and to be totally frank, I’m just not feeling it. I’ve previously poured plenty of hours into ES2 and loved all of it, but this latest expansion just doesn’t seem to be clicking with me. The UC background music is absolutely fantastic, maybe the best so far, but the whole hacking thing just sort of feels tacked on to the gameplay. There’s something about the hacking mechanism that just doesn’t quite seem to gel with the rest of the systems. Am I missing something here? If I have to put on my critical 4x thinking cap, I would say Amplitude sort of went one step over the edge with this expansion. The previous state of ES2 was just about perfect as it was… or.. was it? (am I wrong here?)


    1. I’m not sure that I can help you just yet 😦 I have some similar feelings after some time with them and I’m just not sure where to go just yet.

      It does feel like busy work and excessive micro. I’m hoping with the planned patchwork that it’ll become a mechanic that I enjoy, but currently I’m feeling blah about it, too. So much so that I haven’t really played ES2 at all since Penumbra’s release.

      Admittedly, I didn’t get in to the beta process as much this time as I normally would and I’m kicking myself for it…

      Not that I could have single handedly alleviated this issue, but I may have been able to address it and Amplitude is usually very responsive.


      1. Hey thanks for the reply! Glad to hear it’s not just me. Guess I’ll just disable the Penumbra expansion for now (luckily that is possible) and will wait and see if any future patches come along to fix the mess.


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