Let’s Blindly Play Predestination Series

So Predestination, an indie 4X project many years in the making, finally left Early Access a couple days ago. I figured it was a good of a time as any to start playing it and seeing if it was worthwhile. I’ve only ever “played” the game for about 10 minutes, so this is a “blind” playthrough.

To my surprise, I found myself enjoying it much more than I expected. You can find episode 1 here and more will follow soon!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Blindly Play Predestination Series

  1. I just found your site today and I’m enjoying it. I recognized who you were because we had a disagreement over the early access game: Longsword Tabletop Tactics by Zero. You said he would abandon the game like he did Stardrive and I said give him a chance. Guess what? You were right – no updates or comments from Zero since around 10-18. Anyway, I bookmarked your site so I can visit regularly.


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