Let’s eXplore Pax Nova

I recently received early code for tomorrow’s Early Access release of Pax Nova and haven’t played much, but know that there are some people who are eagerly awaiting its release, so I started a “Let’s eXplore” series to begin diving in to this promising 4X.

I’ll play it for a few episodes to give those that may be interested an opportunity to see what gameplay is like before making the decision on whether or not to join in Early Access or perhaps wait until development progresses a bit.

I’m pleasantly surprised on how well Early Access of Pax Nova feels and look forward to seeing how it develops.

2 thoughts on “Let’s eXplore Pax Nova

  1. Looks interesting although I think I’m going to wait for a while under they’ve fleshed it out more.

    However it has got me interested in Emperor of the Fading Suns, a game I’d only heard about in passing. I downloaded it the other day and had a go, and whilst it looks absolutely superb I suspect that it’s likely to take way longer to play than I currently have time for in order to get the most out of it.

    What’s your opinion of that game Rob? Have you played it?


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