Endless Legend: Symbiosis Review

As the reigning champion on my "4X Leaderboard", Endless Legend's Symbiosis expansion would have had to be pretty awful to drag the game down in my eyes. For those that don't know, Amplitude Studios has begun working with NGD Studios of the Master of Orion reboot fame (or infamy, depending on how you feel about … Continue reading Endless Legend: Symbiosis Review

Amplitude Studios’ Free Weekend

All weekend long, Amplitude Studios' games are free to play. The more we play them, the more, cool new content we unlock, too! Check out this site for more details: https://www.amplitude-freeweekend.com/ The other great news is that Endless Space 1 is now free forever. That will now make it an EASY recommendation to anyone looking … Continue reading Amplitude Studios’ Free Weekend

Let’s eXamine Endless Legend: Symbiosis

As a lucky and spoiled Amplitude Studios VIP, I've had the honor of testing and playing the upcoming Symbiosis eXpansion for Endless Legend for the past 6-8 weeks and wanted to share a little of what I've learned (beyond where all the bugs and imbalances were). Now that it's nearing release (NEXT WEEK!), I thought … Continue reading Let’s eXamine Endless Legend: Symbiosis

Endless Legend Review: December 2018

I've been playing a lot of Endless Legend lately and I really want to share my updated thoughts on the game, as it stands now, after everything is said and done.  When I wrote my Endless Legend review for eXplorminate, I spoke very highly of it, giving it eXplorminate’s first-ever "eXemplary" rating. I was truly awed … Continue reading Endless Legend Review: December 2018

The End Game and Its Follies: Revisited

(These thoughts were originally posted on http://www.eXplorminate.net, but they are my own and I've updated them to reflect my current thoughts.) The 4X strategy genre has, for the most part, had a very difficult time keeping its momentum going into the final act of the game. The games tend to become bogged down in a … Continue reading The End Game and Its Follies: Revisited