I’m Rob, the 4Xplorer. I’m a huge 4X strategy game fan, dedicated to exploring each and every 4X game to determine its value and merits.

Don’t look to me for expert play, but rather a detailed look at gameplay and the mechanics of 4X games and my ability to enjoy them.

Furthermore, I’m an Amplitude Studios VIP (beta tester), a beta tester for many other 4X games, and generally try my hardest to get involved in 4X development at its earliest stages, as I truly enjoy helping shape these games. As an example, I actually came up with the concept for The Unfallen of Endless Space 2.

Lastly, I am an original founder of eXplorminate, but have since moved on, and a moderator of the increasingly large subreddit, r/4Xgaming. 

4X games are an obsession and I thoroughly enjoy playing and discussing them.